12 Things Indians And Only Indians Do During A Power Cut #DisconnectToReconnect

Power cuts. We all hate them, but at the same we end up doing the most unexpected things during a power cut. After all, in today’s day and age, a few hours disconnected from technology is the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with our near and dear ones.

Power cuts in India are very different from anywhere else, because of our peculiar habits. “It happens only in India”. Here are 12 things we do when there is a power cut.

1) Is it just my house, or the whole neighborhood? That’s the first question that we want answered and we rush to the balcony to check if it’s just us or Guptaji in the neighbouring house is also affected.


2) Antakshri – The one time we really let our Kishore’s and Rafi’s out for the world to see. And oh boy isn’t it fun to belt out those classics from the 90s!


3) Candle time! – Finally all those decorative candles that your mom got for Diwali come to use. While couples enjoy a romantic dinner next to the candles, families often love to kick back on the couch with the room lit up with them.

4) Hide n Seek! – When it’s dark and your building friends have nothing else to be distracted by, it’s the go to game. After all the game becomes spookier and much more fun in the dark!


5) Calling up the random electricity board number – And ofcourse they will never answer your call. But dedication!


6) Jugaad Fans – We transform the newspapers in our house to handheld fans, and isn’t it fun going back in time. The kids love it too!

7) Story Time! – With the power out, the only way we got some sleep as children was with those stories which our grandparents told us. And wasn’t it like a sleeping pill 🙂


8) Stare at the night sky – And getting philosophical about life.


9) Put your phone on battery saver and reduce the brightness – Even before finding out what caused the power cut. Because what if you have to play candy crush or angry birds and the power won’t be back for another eternity.

10) Putting your head into the refrigerator
– Been there, done that. As kids, we would love the cold refrigerator air, and power cuts were perhaps the only time when our parents didn’t stop us from doing this.


11) Blame the Government – Don’t we all love to have those long debates with family about how the Government can fix this issue. Yes we go on a rant, but it brings out the politician in everyone!

12) Kick yourself for not getting a power backup – Because everyone needs a reliable power back like Luminous! Oh how they make life so much more comfortable for all of us.
While power cuts sure are a massive roadblock to the normal chores of life, they are a great way to reconnect with the good ol’ simple life! Luminous wants to find out your mad methods of spending your hours during a power cut. How you like to spend them, what you usually do and what are the things that drive you nostalgic about it. Use the hashtag #DisconnectToReconnect and share your thoughts with us!




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