Ola Has The Maddest Don’t Drink & Drive Campaign (feat. AIB!)

Ola has always had it’s social media game on point, but this Christmas, it has surpassed it’s own creative standards! Ola’s new campaign is winning major props all over the internet. From seemingly crazy tweets to entertaining videos to celebrity buzz, here’s the dope on all that went down…

First up, last Sunday evening, Ola sent out a series of tweets that put everyone in a tizzy. No, I mean seriously, the social media guy at Ola appeared to have started New Year binge drinking on the job! Hic! Don’t believe us? Read on…

Ola was literally hitting on other brands


People got really worried. I mean, wtf right? Some intern’s def losing their job this holiday season..

Our favourite internet superstars also started reacting to Ola’s madness. Everyone from TVF to Rohan Joshi sent out a good word asking Ola to rein in the Christmas cheer a bit!

Except, right when the internet thought someone at Ola was being ridiculous, everyone’s favourite All India Bakchod tweeted #PeekeMatChala. A brilliantly pulled off climax to a seemingly drunk twitter day for Ola! Ola and AIB had in fact collaborated for a Don’t Drink & Drive campaign. The result? One epic video – watch!


Pretty soon, Ola tweeted their own campaign video – which won many hearts and got a lot of traction going. The key message? If drunk tweeting can be dangerous, imagine how dangerous drunk driving is. #PeekeMatChala Absolutely brilliant.

What a creative way to get people engaged and drive home the important message of never driving drunk. This one really got people talking, while clearly communicating Ola’s most simple offer to help – drunk? Don’t drive, simply call an Ola! Our snapbuddy Tanmay Bhat agrees.

So to sum it up, field day for Ola on Twitter and YOU – #PeekeMatChala. Happy holidays, everyone! Party hard, and call that Olacab instead of driving like a boss(not)!


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