The Top 10 Most Viral Mad Over Marketing Posts of 2016 | Insanity Follows

2016! Whattay year in the world of marketing. From brands jumping on the American Elections bandwagon to Durex being Durex, yes they feature twice on this list!

Here are the most viral Mad Over Marketing posts from this absolutely insane last year.

1) When Donald Trump shocked the world on 9th November

2) This inverted Christmas print ad from Durex which is one of our holiday favourites. Ho ho ho!

15665773_1321759957889935_8216262272824576280_n3) When DHL pranked UPS into advertising for them.

4) When Coke and Pepsi bantered on Halloween


5) Durex Lubes – Get in anywhere. Really. Anywhere.

6) This iconic ad from back in the day when Audi trolled all its rivals.

7) This Fiat ad launched in 2016, which is by far their funniest yet!

8) This Ikea 2016 campaign which took a shot at how our compulsion to socialize—and compete—has invaded the haven of home.

9) This.

10. When President Obama started preparing for life after Presidency in the coolest way possible.

Did you have a mad 2016 too? Tell us your favourite marketing moment of 2016.


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