Eyetex Dazller’s Latest Campaign Is A Cosmetics Ad With A Difference

 Impossibly gorgeous, flawless skin, on-point glamour – This pretty much sums up all cosmetic campaigns we see today. Amidst the clutter, one brand is breaking stereotypes and talking about beauty that more than just meets the eye – Eyetex Dazller.

In their latest campaign, conceptualised and executed by SoCheers, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, Eyetex Dazzler has consciously steered away the focus from products and colors, building the emotional connect instead. The ad aesthetically  portrays a mother getting her daughter ready for her big day until the groom walks in and lovingly takes her hand. The screenplay subtly communicates that the daughter is visually challenged, which doesn’t stop her from looking and feeling beautiful, especially on her wedding day. Moving away from the conventional, this ad is setting new standards in the cosmetic industry. Watch the complete video here:


The casting, acting and music manages to hold your attention till the end. Most cosmetics brands go over the top to intimidate women by setting unattainable standards of beauty, however this ad manages to connect with a wider audience with their message: Real cosmetics for real people.

Well done, Eyetex Dazller!


One thought on “Eyetex Dazller’s Latest Campaign Is A Cosmetics Ad With A Difference

  1. Sounds like another paid news article from mad over marketing. Saw one couple of weeks back about Protinex and now this one. Credibility down the drain


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