The Unease Of Settling In A Rented Home In A New City | Nestaway

Most of the urban population today is constantly on the move. And while the idea of moving around cities is great for the economy, and sounds super exciting – it comes with its fair share of hassle. From figuring out a place to stay to making it home to navigating your way through the new life to what not – basically you pretty much feel like…

In the midst of this madness, one brand decided to actually go out there and surveyed 3000 urban migrants on their experiences and issues. This effort by Nestaway resulted in some really interesting, often surprising insights. We’ve cherry-picked a few for you – read on!

1) Mobile Network > Amenities, when picking a neighbourhood. Say what!?




2) Modi has created a wave.



3) Because young, non married men are humans too, no matter how alien like they come across to landlords. 

4) “Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like you.”


5) Clearly everyone is being bothered.


6) If you are bachelor who likes his tandoori chicken, say good bye to your rented house.


7) North India? He must definitely be a sleaze-bag. #NoHouseForYou


8) Girlll? Haw! Alien!

Nestaway has identified your problems, and are now the harbinger of hope for all the bachelors and bachelorettes out there – Looking forward to #HomesThatDontDiscriminate


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