NestAway Is Trending #TrumpDiscrimination Through Their Latest Ad


From calling women all kinds of names to outright telling a journalist she has her job because of her looks to shamelessly making fun of a physically challenged reporter. There is a much longer and equally shocking list of things a certain Donald Trump can be associated with. While he’s been elected to the most powerful position in the world, people all over the globe have been skeptic. In the midst of all the hoopla, NestAway launched a satirical and hard hitting campaign with the handle #TrumpDiscrimination. A simple, clever creative really attracted eyeballs, and now #TrumpDiscrimination is trending all over.

NestAway has taken up the issue of #TrumpDiscrimination because the “trump” in their hashtag is actually a verb, and not one person. The idea is to get people to ‘trump’ / defeat / triumph over all kinds of discriminations, and to rise above it. The hashtag doesn’t actually refer to Trump’s discriminatory actions – it is simply clever wordplay to convey a broader point of saying no to stereotypes & prejudices, specifically linked to finding and offering up houses. Its important to ‘trump’ all kinds of biases and ensure no house, even if its the white house, should ever discriminate. Perfectly captures both the issue at hand, and the USP of NestAway!

Nestaway was founded with the belief that ‘no city should be a stranger’. Very simply put, everyone, irrespective of their caste, marital status, gender, social strata, eating habits and so on, deserve homes without any prejudices. It’s heartening to see a brand not just offer a practical solution to the target audience, but actually voice out against the discrimination embedded in this space. The ad has started getting a lot of traction both online and in newspapers. Here’s hoping this #TrumpDiscrimination effort by NestAway starts a meaningful wave of difference!


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