Nestaway Continues To Address The Ridiculous Reasons Making Renting Homes So Difficult

Nestaway continues to address the ridiculous reasons why it has become so difficult for bachelors and bachelorettes to get a home to stay in our country. If you missed their first rendition of the Insta Wed kit, check it out here. It was hilarious!

This time they are calling out landlords who treat pets like an extra terrestrial who is out to invade and conquer their home sweet home. Yes, if you are looking for a house for you and your friendly little pet, this is the reaction that you will be met with.


But we don’t understand why! How can you get repulsed by someone who looks at you like this.


Nestaway through their latest campaign #HomesThatDontDiscriminate have captured this insight and are offering broker-free solutions to find houses on rent which don’t discriminate on your marital status, your food preferences or our living cohabitants. Their new ad film is a sarcastic take on the extent to which pet owners have to go to, to finally land that house. Watch the video below:


Because babies > pets.

Have you faced a similar situation? Tell us about it


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