Digibank By DBS Latest Ad Campaign Is All About A Comfortable Banking Experience

For pretty much most of us, there is nothing more cryptic, hassling, stressful and just downright confusing than … yep, banks. First it’s just hard for most non fin-savvy people to understand everything they offer, and then even if you get it, there are all these disclaimers and rules and tactical problems. You cant draw more than x amount, you need to keep a minimum x balance, you need to withstand those god awful queues and you’re just like…

But there’s one bank that’s really de-mystifying banking and making everything oh-so-simple. Digibank by DBS! Right from a signature-less banking experience to short turnaround times (only 90 seconds to open an account!) to no minimum balance penalty to a 24×7 digital artificial intelligence (don’t we all dread calling customer care?)….and much, much more. Digibank by DBS clearly has nailed the right offerings, and has a really unique marketing campaign around it. They’ve come out with a series of ads, each highlighting a specific USP, with a big large dose of humour! Banking ads and humour? Yep, it’s a combination that’s really working for them! Check out this ad below – Bank Man:


What we love about this is the consumer-friendly route taken by the bank for its advertising. The concept of “Bank Man” is a really interesting and relateable insight – everyone at banks always has so many questions, from where the counter is to where the money is to where the pen is! And now with Digibank by DBS, the Bank Man is needed no more. His role is now to simply get people to download the app and get banking! Funny yet informative, we like this innovative ad. You can check out the other installments below :

You can download the app here.



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