In Nestaway’s Third Ad Instalment They Give Us A Fix That Makes Chicken Smell Like Paneer

If your food preferences are slightly more varied than grass and potato, you must have come across ridiculing statements such as “Ughh that smell, can you not eat that at my table”. This finally transcends into a long story giving you a detailed summary on why what you are doing (eating) is only slightly less worse than terrorism.
Alright, we still get that, their opinion and their views. But can someone please oh please tell us how that affects a landlord while renting out a house to a non vegetarian. Are we stealing the chicken from their backyard? Are we making their aquariums empty? Are we asking them to cook it for us with their hands? Then why the hell does it warrant this reaction.


We get it, we get it. We don’t live in the elegant era of ‘mi casa, su casa’, it’s the darned internet era of ‘mah houz mah rulzz’. The owner can do as he or she pleases. But what about those of us who treat Tuesday like any other day of the week, what about those of us who fight for that leg piece with our friends, what about those of us who are perfectly normal human beings, with a good education and have no previous criminal record but have a certain food preference which more than 50% of the other humans in the world also have. WHAT ABOUT US?

Enter Nestaway.


So go ahead, serve yourself that Tandoori Chicken you have been craving for!



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