BankBazaar Coined 27th January As The Paperless Day And Encouraged Everyone To #GoPaperless

26th January-The day when we feel a sudden surge of love towards our country and feel a sense of responsibility in us for those 24 hours. But what happens on 27th January? Where does this love and civic morality vanish? This Republic Day, BankBazaar showcased a brilliant insight and conceptualized a beautiful campaign around it.

Every year, on 27th January newspapers are not circulated across the country, since the printing presses don’t operate on account of 26th January being a public holiday. BankBazaar coined this day as the ‘Paperless Day’ and encouraged everyone to go paperless. Instead of newspapers being delivered to everyone’s doorsteps, BankBazaar delivered saplings, reminding them about the amount of paper we are using and its impact on the environment.


BankBazaar is disrupting the way consumers bank, by making banking as paperless as possible and chose this very apt day to roll out their #GoPaperless campaign.

The best part about this campaign is the simplicity in the thought. It’s very rare for banks in India to come up with exciting marketing campaigns, and BankBazaar is continuously breaking through the clutter. The thought is very simple – a brand which encourages paperless banking > uses a day when millions of newspapers aren’t printed > gives out saplings to everyone to drive home the point.

This campaign is a great reminder to users that going paperless with their banking needs is not only fast, convenient and hassle-free, but also very environmental friendly.

Around Republic Day, most of the brands rolled out very predictable content. From adding tri-colours to their logos to pontificating about corruption and unity, it was very run-of-the-mill. In fact, very few brands able to integrate their core business proposition with their campaigns. But BankBazaar was able to do this beautifully with their #GoPaperless initiative and they continue to delight us with their clutter free-marketing strategy.

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