Truebil’s Latest Baba ChamatCar Campaign Aims To Gain User Trust And Faith

One of the most difficult things while buying a car, specifically a second hand car, is to get all your facts straight and not overpay. But pretty much any second hand car you look at anywhere, the dealer or the portal is basically going to tell you that everything is perrrrfect. The engine? Perfect. The brakes? Brilliant. The interiors. Spotless. And you’re just left screaming

Well, there is one solution to your problem – Truebil! Truebil is basically a certified marketplace for used cars, with the highest degree of authenticity in how they inspect and rate their cars. They’ve just come out with an entertaining Baba ChamatCar campaign, to promote their TrueScore feature. This is basically a highly trustworthy car inspection report, where you get ratings out of 5 stars on all key parameters. And the protagonist Baba ChamatCar secretly uses it to do all his car magic of telling people if their car has any defects. Watch the video below:


It’s great to see a brand place the highest level of importance on ensuring that customers have full and accurate information before they shop – on everything from interiors, exteriors, engine to road test and tyres. This really helps prospective buyers not overpay for a used car. Kudos to Truebil!


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