8 Hilarious Products You Wouldn’t Believe Are Sold On Amazon

The internet is a an amazing thing. Anywhere you look online, there’s always some wonderfully weird stuff to keep the entertainment quotient high. And if you really, really browse Amazon, there’s a whole treasure trove out there waiting to be explored. You can find stuff that’s strange, and stuff that’s bizarre and then there’s just wuteventhereisnoexplanationtothis

Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got a very special shopping list curated just for you. Keep reading!

1) Because if there’s an ET attack, you should be first one to get to know amirite


Buy here

2) Birthday pe kya chahiye? Arre, nothing. Okay.


Buy here

3) Some crucial everyday hacks like this one.


Buy here

4) Poo bani Parvati – from partygirl to sanskaari naari, ting ting tiding!


Buy here

5) Because guys, and we cannot emphasize this enough, you need to guard your bananas.


Buy here

6) This. Give me one reason why you wouldn’t wanna wake up to this.


Buy here

7) Turn any Non Veg Dish into a Veg one!


Buy here

8) …aaand finally, the incredibly authentic Instawed Kit!


Buy here

The last two are our absolute favourites, and we’ll tell you why. Apart from being downright hilarious and incredibly satirical on a lot that’s wrong with the world today, these products are actual extensions of a larger campaign by Nestaway. ‘Cuz apparently the only way a stereotypical bachelor gets a house around these days is if well, they stop being one! So voila. This is some mad, mad marketing by Nestaway, taking the actual concept to life and selling the products on Amazon. We love!

Which ones are your favourite? Go crazy shopping!



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