7 Unlikely But Really Cute Pairs Winning Valentine Week!

It’s Valentine week and loooooove is very much in the air! Yes, Valentine week, not just Valentine’s Day – because the lead up to the big V Day ought to be just as special as the day itself! Amidst all the flowers and chocolates and sweet nothings, we found this a really cute campaign by Panasonic bringing out little love pairings from our everyday electronics! Yep, you gotta see it to believe the creativity!

Feb 7: Rose Day

A camera raptured by the endless beauty of the rose – love is blooming!

Rose Day.gif

Feb 8: Propose Day

Did you think the wind from your AC could be flirtatious? Well, turns out it’s possible!


Feb 9: Chocolate Day

Because love isn’t always about warmth, sometimes it’s about the chills!


Feb 10: Teddy Day

Because love can be squishy and delicious!

Teddy DAy.gif

Feb 11: Promise Day

Because love is about staying together, through the smooth ride & the creases!


Feb 12: Hug Day

Because ain’t nothing like a hug from your loved one to make a messy day okay!


Feb 13: Kiss Day

Okay, this is just adorable. Stoppit guys, pls.

Kiss Dat- GIF.gif
Feb 14 : Valentine’s Day

And leading up to the big day.


We’re totally tripping over these – tell us which one’s your favourite! And go spread some love 😀


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