Gaana Used Customer Data In An Innovative Way To Surprise Their Most Loyal Customers This V-Day

Data is supposed to become the next big lever of innovation in most app based businesses. The data collected through apps, can direct a marketeer to the tastes and preferences of their users and package a campaign accordingly. This campaign will always be more personalized, and have a higher recall value. Very soon, the entire game of innovation will be based on personalization. The same app, but a different UI for each consumer, depending upon their tastes and preferences.

Now here’s the catch. How can you devise a Valentine’s Day campaign using this concept? Gaana used their listener data to surprise a very happy couple.

This Valentine’s Day, Gaana crunched their listener data and identified a certain Amit Singh from Mumbai as the biggest fan of Armaan Malik. This user streamed his songs the maximum number of times on the Gaana App and Web. What Gaana did next, was nothing short of beautiful.

They set up Amit’s dream date with his Valentine at a cafe in Mumbai and helped him to surprise her with a once in a lifetime moment. Check it out!



Surely, a sweet way of thanking your most loyal customers in the most innovating way. Kudos to Gaana!






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