Panasonic’s Latest Valentine Campaign Is Winning Hearts All Over

What comes to your mind when you hear about Valentine’s Day? Love, mush, celebrations, cards, gifts and pretty much all things happy and nice. You’d think that only a certain category of brands can actually spin a campaign around this day of celebrating love? Like gifting companies or apparel or cosmetics or chocolate brands and so on and so forth, amirite? Well, wrong! How would you react if we told you that an electronics brand has come out with a Valentine week campaign and quite beautifully integrated it with their products!


‘Tis true! Panasonic has launched an oh-so-adorable campaign this February. It’s not just about Valentine’s Day, but instead themed around the entire week leading up to it. They’ve created a series of GIFs & image creatives – one for each day of the Valentine week. What’s so special about them? Well only that they show incredible little tales of love brewing all around us, among our everyday things and electronics! From a rose & a camera, to a creased top with an iron, to even dirty laundry and a washing machine – there’s a pair for each day!


Full points to the creative heads at Panasonic for managing to seamlessly create a successful campaign around a theme that would intuitively seem like a mismatch to the industry. Minimal design, great execution and very witty – we really like these!

Take a bow, guys!


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