Max Fashions Latest Ad Films On Damage Control Are As Relatable As They Get

You know how sometimes you get stuck in a tricky situation, and you wish someone could just come and bail you out of it?


Yeah, we have been there too and that is exactly why we are loving Max Fashion’s latest series of commercials. These are small snippets of very relatable moments where the protagonist gets caught in an awkward scenario and finds a way out of it. Here’s how :


What works for the commercial?

Brand Connect
Clear communication of the key proposition with the story. ‘Value Fashion’ as a message is integrated seamlessly with the ad film.

The light hearted and fun nature of the campaign positions the brand in the right subset in the minds of the audience. The quirky take on relationships is as relatable as it gets.

Endless Ways Out
The fact that you can rely on the brand to be there when it’s a gifting emergency or when you need affordable fashion comes out very crisply. 3000 styles under Rs. 599 – endless ways out indeed!

Here’s the second TVC!


Damn cute indeed!


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