#UnitedByHalf Is A Brilliant Take On Absolute Equality Of Women & Men!

Equality for women. Feminism. Gender empowerment. In the times that we live in, the importance of these concepts can not be overemphasized. And yet, these are perhaps the most misinterpreted and loosely used jargons. Are women greater than men, are men greater than women, should my date pay for me, should i hold the door gaaaaahhh

In the midst of this, one brand has been getting their point of view & their stand very clear consistently – yep, United Colors of Benetton. Benetton has time and again championed women’s right to equality through various initiatives & campaigns. And this time, they’ve been trending thanks to their latest #UnitedByHalf campaign.

The campaign very beautifully articulates a simple thought – women should simply be treated as equals. No biases and no preferences. Simply their due share of half. Half of all the responsibilities, decisions, pay and pleasure – just treat them the same as men! And this really transcends across all walks of life, from workspaces to schools to right into our homes – equal pay at work, access to higher education as easily as men and even the most basic equal right to having their decisions respected & charting their own life course. Women should simply get their half – nothing more and nothing less. Watch the campaign video below:



Such a powerful message conveyed in amazing brevity – we are completely in love with this campaign! It’s a call to all of us, from all walks of life, to question the ridiculous limits & stereotypes that society’s conditioned us to accept. And pledge to challenge the status quo, and unite for equality! You can pledge for half by clicking the button below.


Here’s to women, and men – equal halves! 😀



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