Zivame’s Gorgeous New Campaign #FitForAll Is All About Celebrating Body Diversity

You think of lingerie ads and there’s one standard image that will probably come to your mind. An impeccable supermodel body in sexy lingerie, with flawless skin, posing and being glamorous. Basically every single lingerie brand out there, in all forms of communication, is telling women that wear this lingerie and you’ll transform into a “supermodel”. I mean…

Baseless, inaccurate and borderline regressive, right? Well here’s brand taking a refreshing route in its new campaign – Zivame. Their latest #FitForAll campaign is a wonderful take on all the different physical appearances of women and how their products cater to all types of bodies. Their TVC shows a plethora of gorgeous everyday women in a very relateable everyday set up, flaunting their lingerie and their bodies. From getting ready for a date to lounging alone at home to working out – there’s women of all shapes and sizes in Zivame lingerie, just being awesome and being themselves. Watch the video below:



We absolutely love the ad. It’s a great concept, executed really well. The music keeps you gripped, the visuals are very contemporary and slice of life. What’s nicer is that behind the thought of this campaign, there’s also substance backing it, with Zivame offering a wide range of lingerie actually suitable for variety of women as opposed to the so-called popular sizes only. We like!

More power to Zivame, and here’s to seeing more such campaigns!


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