Furlenco’s Latest Campaign Will Make You Want To Buy Experiences, And Rent Everything Else

Bucket Lists. Every millennial has one, and it has three common features. It’s long, it’s expensive and it’s largely unticked. The reasons are fairly common as well. Someone is spending the money buying that latest new phone, or investing in some really expensive furnishing for their home, or buying that sherwani that you will wear just once in your life.

But what about that road trip in Eastern Europe you have planning with your friends for an eternity? What about that no holds barred house party where you are playing the bar tender? There’s a reason for it.


Thought as much. Story of every 20 somethings, isn’t it. Furlenco caught onto this insight beautifully and their latest campaign is all about spending on the things that matter in life.

Those enjoyable evenings out in the company of loved ones will provide a much longer lasting and more fulfilling happiness than the temporary thrill of a large purchase. So next time, immerse yourself in the experience of chilling with your friends on a recliner that you can rent, than immersing yourself in the temporary jubilation of buying the recliner which will cost you more than 20 days’ salary.

Furlenco is encouraging millennials to thing Diffe’Rent’ (gotta love the pun), and rent furniture instead of committing to them. Your ‘me time’ on the recliner or ‘netflix and chill’ on a multi functional bed need not be big investments. Always remember Sia’s golden words – “Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight”

Furlenco also tied up with FilterCopy to make a video titled ‘When Parents Behave Like Millennials’, and it’s hilarious AF. If your parents have suddenly started using filters and sending you photos with dog ears, then this is for you!

M.O.M Tip : Check out ‘The Pod‘, it will change your life forever.


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