A Girl Called Priya Married A Sofa And Broke The Internet #PriyaWedsSofa

Ladies and gentlemen, millennials and fellow humans, it’s not everyday that we get a wedding invite as bizarre as this in our inbox. Let us introduce you to the wedding of the season, #PriyaWedsSofa


Whoever thought of ‘single seater, available in blue’.

This emailer caught our attention, and we began hunting for more dope about this never-seen-before, ‘human marries furniture’ event, when #PriyaWedsSofa began trending on Twitter. And boy was everyone having a field day with this wedding!

The one from #ForeverAlone

The one with the typical Indian mom

The one with the jealous girl

The one with the dating advice

Turns out, this was a satirical campaign by Rentomojo – furniture, appliance and bikes rental brand. The parallel was simple – once you buy furniture, it becomes a commitment that you have to honour for life… so you’ve as good as gotten married to it.

The brand even followed up with what the wedding photoshoot of this unusual couple would look like, and it is hilarious AF.


Kudos to the crazy approach taken for #PriyaWedsSofa, while striking all the right chords with those of us who were complaining about the same ol’ wedding updates on our timelines!

All in all, we loved the insight and message that Rentomojo hit bullseye with this pseudo shaadi. After all, there are better things to be committed to, and furniture shouldn’t be one of them! Point taken – get smart with furniture, not stuck with it!

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