Lots Of Laughs And Madness – Nestaway Has Been Killing It With Its Campaign!

There are various brands which come up with interesting campaigns, there are some which manage to trend and go viral, and there are a few that manage to do something outrageously different. And well, then there are a very very select handful that manage to do all of the above!

One such campaign this season has been Nestaway’s #HomesThatDontDiscriminate. A vast variety of creatives executing extremely bold concepts – we have been  tripping over this campaign. Solving a very focused problem of providing homes to bachelors (in a society where cray forms of discrimination exists), Nestaway has managed to take absolutely mad routes to getting their point across, and how! Here’s the full dope on what went down:

Well first up, Nestaway came out with a series of 4 videos. Each of these videos was a hilarious take on some common biases that bachelors face, ranging from not being society-approved aka married to eating non-vegetarian food. And the solve? Whacky, crazy “insta-kits” which helped you suddenly become desirable to landlords and home-owners. A really funny & witty take on relate-able problems, these set of videos got a lot of traction in the audience. Check out our favourite video below:



Sounds like a solid campaign, right?


What is crazier than having a campaign video that talks about insane insta wed kits and sanskaari nari kits? Well, actually frikkin’ selling those spoof products online! Yep, Nestaway went the whole hog to tangibilize their campaign and actually sell products on Amazon. Go check out the epic gems.



We loved this idea – it was a bold move, and very very different from anything any other brand has done, specifically in this category. Major props!

And now Nestaway has collaborated with the beloved comic artiste Zakir Khan in its latest video – Nestaway Talkies. A very slice of life ad, which has Zakir talking to the audience in his inimitable style about how life as bachelor actually turns out to be – the struggle of finding a home, the myth of independence thanks to nosy landlords, the stereotypical bias of being blamed for everyyything that goes wrong and so on and so forth. Watch the video below:




Great content that stays in theme with the overall humorous, satirical nature of the campaign and yet adds a different conversational tone to the mix.

Keep up the good work, Nestaway – here’s to seeing more madness from you!




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