This Women’s Day Ad By A. O. Smith Is Too Damn Relatable!

If you’re a girl, chances are at some point or the other someone has reacted in surprise if you spoke about sports, or presumptuously assumed you want that pink drink or perhaps patronizingly told you – hey, leave the number crunching to the men. I mean, c’mon people.

But the times, they are a changin’.

There are a plethora of women who have in their own little way contributed to breaking all these preconceived notions and the change is visible for all to see. From fields as diverse as education, healthcare and science, women are excelling in all fields and a lot has come from the change in mindset.

Well, this Women’s Day, one brand has come out with a campaign catching on this very insight. A. O. Smith, a water products company, has created a video campaign that shows 3 very real life scenarios. Watch the whole video below:

We like that the ad is not preachy but still lands its message. More power to all!


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