Swiggy Just Came Out With The Coolest Foodiemojis And We’re Loving It!

In all the complications of career, ambition, money and relationships, there’s one thing that unites every millennial beyond any iota of doubt – pure, unadulterated love for fooooooood. You see food and you’re like…

In fact, you dare gimme a holler if this ain’t you. Go on, I dare you.

Food = bae. Simple. There’s one brand that’s pretty much built its identity & purpose as an ode to the sheer joy that food brings to our lives. Swiggy! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve obviously swiggy-ed food to the comforts of your home. The most fantastic thing about Swiggy is how it’s effortlessly become a part of the contemporary, urban lifestyle, specifically for millennials. You don’t order your food, you swiggy it. And with that, you clearly know your brand has arrived!

Swiggy’s latest marketing foray only further integrates its presence in our day to day lives. Swiggy Foodiemojis. Swiggy has parterned with Emojifi to become the first brand of its kind in India to release stickers that can be used across popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout and Hike. It’s this really fun, witty range of emojis expressing all your standard food conversations – Where’s The Food, Order like a boss and even some biryani love. Here are a few emojis we’ve been tripping over

Awesome, right? And it’s pretty simple to start using these. You just need to install the Emojifi app and download the Swiggy Foodiemojis from the sticker library. After that, it’s very intuitive too – you simply types words in the chat box, and these foodiemojis will pop up.

A really innovative campaign, which totally gets the pulse of the target group – we like!

Go ahead, start using the foodiemojis and swiggy some food yo.


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