Banjara’s Latest Campaign Showcases Everlasting Natural Beauty

Most personal care and cosmetic brands and their campaigns are inevitably centered around external beauty, self love and pampering. Nothing wrong with that, but somehow the whole feel of the industry and the advertising is strongly tinted with some amount of being superficial. In the midst of this, there’s one brand that is making a striking difference with its proposition – Banjara’s.



Banjara’s was launched in 1993, with the goal to offer the purest of herbal ingredients without adding any fillers or preservatives. Why? So customers can use products in their most natural form and extract maximum benefit. They’ve got a whole range of products ranging from hair dyes and hair oils to face washes and face packs. Everything with the one common flavor: Beauty without any harmful effects!

Their latest campaign takes a very different route – Nature is beauty. The idea is to convey a clear message: Take care of beautiful nature, and nature in turn will take care of your beauty. The entire story line brings this out using the metaphor of a butterfly, an unarguable symbol of nature’s everlasting beauty. The two main strengths of the brand Banjara’s that the video tries to encapsulate is how the products are big on pure, natural ingredients, and how it’s meant for the entire family.

Watch the video below:



A simple value proposition targeted to the family audience, specifically tailored for the South Indian audience – which is the mainstay of the their TG. What do you guys think of the campaign?


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