Alia Bhatt & Ranveer Singh Are At Their Quirky Best In MakeMyTrip’s Latest Ads About MMT Assured Hotels

Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh are killing it with their appearances as unusual, quirky duos in MakeMyTrip ads. Ever since the first instalment of their MakeMyTrip ads came, we have been waiting for another campaign, and the new ads are definitely worth the wait.

More often that not, when brands associate with such high profile celebrities, the ad makers often forget the key message of the ad and instead get lost in leveraging the superstar status of the celebrities. Thankfully, this is the opposite. Not only is the power couple used in unique avatars, but they get the point across in the most straightforward way.

Through their latest campaign, MMT is introducing MMT Assured Hotels. The prominent features of this concept is that the brand is guaranteeing neat and clean rooms, delightful services and a 24×7 hotline service. Through these services, MMT is removing the uncertainty that comes with booking hotel rooms online.

Will the room be as clean as it looks in the picture? Will there be someone to sort out my complaints during the late hours of the night? Will I get all the basic amenities promised on the website? These concerns are all washed away with the introduction of MMT Assured Hotels. To guarantee awesome rooms to the customers, MMT has handpicked hotels with high ratings and authenticated pictures so that the user experience is smooth. Thanks to the 24×7 helpline, a solution to the customer issue is assured within 60 minutes, failing which the stay will be free of cost for the customer.

The brand has released two highly entertaining videos to talk about the concept, starring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh –

1. The one where Ranveer Singh AKA ‘Happy’ tries in vain to convince Alia AKA ‘Pinky’ to stay in his hotel.

Hotel pictures online are like Facebook profile photos of your friends. The profile photos look like a photoshoot for a fashion magazine, whereas the reality is more like an accidental front camera click. While this is an issue which most of us battle with while booking hotel rooms, with MMT Assured, we can kiss our troubles goodbye!

2. The one where Pinky shows off the 24×7 hotline service to Happy #Attityood


Wouldn’t it be great knowing that there is always someone there to solve all your issues, within 60 minutes, at a press of a button? Enter MMT Assured Hotels.

It’s fun, it’s quirky, we love!

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