Virat Kohli’s Message About How We Celebrate Festivals In India Is Spot On!

What is the one thing connecting Holi to Diwali to Christmas to Eid to Durga Puja to well, you get the drift. It’s how each of these festivals unites us like nothing else can. No matter your own religious beliefs, caste, language or social status, any Indian, and more specifically any millennial in India, looks forward to and celebrates all festivals. In these crazy times that we live in, festivals represent one simple common emotion – absolute happiness!

It is this delightful insight that has been picked up by Manyavar in their latest campaign starring Virat Kohli. It’s a wonderful ad with a powerful, single message – “Harr Tyohar India Ka Tyohar” i.e. every festival is India’s festival! A simple idea executed brilliantly – this video shows Virat Kohli in all this ethnic Manyavar-clad glamour walking by and seamlessly indulging in the little joys of festivals, right from feasting during Eid to lighting Christmas candles to Diwali crackers. The face of Virat delivering beautifully scripted lines really drives home the point that ultimately all of us simply look for a nice reason to celebrate. All festivals are equally joyous.

Watch the video below:


We absolutely love the campaign. It really manages to showcase how Indians are united in love and respect through festivals. The ad sparks a feeling of one-ness and pride very effortlessly. Manyavar has been consistently picking up simple, Indian, relateable emotions and feelings and converting them into lovely ads – we like! Kudos to the Manyavar team and kudos to the spirit of celebrating festivals!

So, how are you celebrating the next upcoming festival? 🙂


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