How About You Get Rewarded For Everyday Spends?

There are a set of things that each of us do in our day to day lives, almost on auto pilot. You wake up, you travel, you get to work, you eat food, you shop, maybe kick back with some self-pampering once in a while and so on. It’s very life-as-usual, isn’t it? So why are we talking about this? Well, imagine if your every day lifestyle gave you some more tangible rewards?

Bet you’ll have more fun calling cabs if those rides got you some goodie points?


What if a bite at your favourite restaurant would lead more than just a satisfied tummy?



Would you or would you not strut like a star if you knew that for every money spent on your shopping bags, you got some extra rewards in return!


Just admit it, your spa would be hella more relaxing if you knew that you’ve earned something materialistic back!


Nope, we aren’t playing with your emotions. We’re just telling you to be smart about your everyday spends – cuz they could all be getting you more than your money’s worth back! Basically – JPMiles!

With JetPrivilege, you can earn JPMiles on all kinds of lifestyle spends – from flying to eating out to shopping to even magazine subscriptions. And these JPMiles can then be redeemed for free flights as well as at the JetPrivilege Reward store where you can purchase 500+ products and exciting gift vouchers. It’s all very simple and smart – just quote your JetPrivilege membership number every time you book a flight, a hotel stay, dine out, or shop online with 150+ JetPrivilege programme partners.

We aren’t kidding – a whole bunch of people out there are livin’ up thanks to JPMiles!


So what are you waiting, go spend your money smart and earn some money (JPMiles!) while you’re at it!





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