Say Ola To India’s First ‘Auto Driver Mela’ Which Hit The Town In Chennai

Have you ever heard of an Auto Driver Mela? Chances are if you are in Chennai, you have!

That’s right, Ola just organized India’s first ever Auto Driver Partners’ Mela in Chennai, which allowed auto driver partners an opportunity to add autos to their fleet at a lower cost, with a plethora of other benefits. What was most interesting about this ‘Mela’, was obviously the way they chose to market it.

If there is one influencer in Chennai, a person everyone tends to follow, it has to be but one man. Oh sorry, he’s not a man, he’s a super-man.

Ola identified a brilliant opportunity in a Rajinikanth movie which was released recently – Baasha. Rajinikanth plays an auto driver in the film. Ola thus, tied up with the movie to create buzz around Ola Autos, and introduced the Ola branding on the Auto scenes in the film.

This allowed Ola to establish a very strong brand connect with their potential partner drivers, who would be turning up at the ‘Ola Baasha Mela’. The name inspired from the movie itself.

As far as the ‘Mela’ was concerned, there were more than 25,000 Auto Drivers who attended the festival. Ola cracked a deal with Piaggio, which allowed Auto Driver Partners to purchase autos at special rates. Other strategic partnerships with financial institutions and insurance providers will ensure end -to-end benefits for the drivers, encouraging micro-entrepreneurship.

This ‘mela’ was a win-win situation for both the company and the drivers. While the auto drivers reaped the benefits of cost, insurance, garage services and a fun day out with their families – for Ola, this was a first of its kind congregation of potential partners explaining to them the benefits and features of getting enlisted with the brand.

Through this activity, Ola has equipped a large workforce with skill and financial support, while at the same time expanding their base of partners.

When the word got out, users started engaging with the brand online with #OlaBaashaMela trending on twitter for 3 hours. Cumulatively the activity churned more then 17 Million impressions.

As an added bonus, check out what the event was all about. Oh and look out for a Rajinikanth lookalike too 😉

What’s your take on this unique ‘Mela’?

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