Goibibo’s Latest Campaign Featuring Deepika Padukone Is Winning Hearts!

Goibibo has just signed up the stunning Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador and launched a new campaign for the high travel summer season.


Goibibo has pretty much been at the helm of product innovation from the start – and this time around they’ve got newer tricks up their sleeve. Deepika Padukone tells you how you can pick the best of hotels at the best of prices & well, stand to make some money through your friends! Excited to know more?

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Goibibo’s created two TVCs starring Deepika, and they’re both laden with subtle humour. You know the kind that makes you laugh and smile together? The ads are themed around Deepika visiting her aunt, and using the Goibibo app. She explains the cool features and advantages of Goibibo to her aunt, but a lil generation gap and lots of humour end up taking place! We won’t ruin the plot of the ads for you, but here’s the whole dope on both the ads.

The first ad is all about GoContacts. A genius innovation that allows you to earn GoCash every time your contact travels! Yep – this is taking social to the very next level. And in a way that’s actually meaningful for the customers. The execution of the ad is wonderful – even with Deepika being there, the whole feel is very slice of life.



The second ad features Deepika scrolling down the app and picking hotels thanks to all the recommendations & ratings. A comedy of errors occurs with her aunt assuming she’s actually picking er, boys. A sweet ad that lands the ratings feature very well, specifically in the fragmented space of hotels.



All in all, good job on the latest campaign – creative concept & really good execution. Take a bow, Team Goibibo! And you guys? Plan your holiday! Get Set Goibibo!


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