Preganews Has Just Kickstarted A Very Relevant Conversation On Working Pregnant Women Through Their Latest Campaign

This beautiful campaign by Preganews has picked up the insight of how most women continue to work while being pregnant, and have encouraged a relevant conversation around how her colleagues can make work nothing less than her second home. Not by doing anything drastic, but by doing very small things. It could be as simple as just talking to her, it could be about saving her a trip to the water cooler, or it could be about ensuring she is comfortable while working. It’s all about being sensitive to her needs.

Let’s start with the video:

Here’s why we think the #YourSecondHome campaign works wonders :

The Insight

Discomfort at work often causes women to take an early maternity break, after all it is quite exhausting. However, small little efforts from her colleagues can ensure that she doesn’t stop pursuing her dreams. The video shows how her boss goes out of his way to ensure that she is at ease while at work.

The Timing

The video comes in the lead up to Mother’s Day, which ensures higher attention towards the message that the brand is trying to convey. More than anything, it also talks about the “Mom-To-Be”, a section which not everyone relates to on this day.

That Last Line

“Client meeting at 10” – Often while communicating a message like this, brands end up making a mess by implying how it’s okay for work to get sacrificed during this period. However, while bearing the flag for pregnant women at work and sensitivity towards their condition, the brand is also championing the cause of working pregnant women and how work carries on as usual at the top of their game.

Next time, do spare a thought on how what little thing can you do to make your workplace a second home for someone else.

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