Baba Sehgal Is Singing A Cray Tune & Offering You A Jobless Job!

Baba Sehgal needs no introduction. He’s a very, very special kind of bizarre and wise rolled into one. He’s the reason your flirting A game is mostly singing aaja meri gaadi mein baith ja and he’s the source of pearls of wisdom like…

Well, he’s back!

And this time, he’s in a cray video with a cray tune with everything from pole dancers to belly dancer. Say whaaaa? Yes! It’s hard to peg this genre of music – cuz well, it’s everything from so random to so catchy that its rhyme-a-sing-along.

So what’s the whole video about? It’s basically Baba telling us how a 9 to 5 job sucks. We feel you, bro. He then goes on to paint a beautiful picture of what a dream job would look like. Spoiler Alert: It’s a ‘jobless job‘. Confused? Watch the video!



A jobless job! Basically NestAway has come up with an incredible referral program where you can refer a tenant or a home-owner, and make plain simple money! Yep, no complex multi-tiered loyalty programs – this proposition from NestAway is to simply give you a paycheque in return for a referral. You can legit make money sitting anywhere from your couch to the Bahamas. Dream job, eh?



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