Red Chief Brings You “Veer” – Stories Inspiring The Youth Of Today!

In the hustle bustle of our day to day urban lives, we rarely ever pause to think of millions who are completely overshadowed by the dazzling city lights. While we strive our own journey in our plush homes, there is a whole world living in slums, fighting to survive. But you know what binds us? Everyone is entitled to dream. We all have our hopes and aspirations, a reason to wake up and fight another day. But do we all get a fair shot? Probably not.

Red Chief has picked on this insight, and is looking to acknowledge and celebrate people who try to make a difference. Their latest campaign, “Veer”, is themed around stories of “Veer” – untold tales of selfless heroism of our youth. Young people who are not just fighters of their own dreams, but also the dreams of many, many others. Because real bravery is just that.

In their latest video, Red Chief brings to you the story of Mr. Ashim Khan – a man who lived and breathed Taekwondo and decided to teach them to a young kids dreaming of learning this martial arts form. Young kids like Rohit who didn’t have access to even basic amenities, found themselves on a Taekwondo mat, bigger than their homes! Ashim’s dedication to building a future for these kids, and thus, for India, deserves a salute! Watch the video below:


The compassion, empathy, and sheer determination showcased through the examples of “Veer” prove how powerful the impact of youth is. This “Veer” portrayal is a model youth that we should all aspire to be like. Red Chief has created a strong marketing campaign targeting the youth, and building a connect that goes beyond just a product pitch. Here’s to Mr. Ashim Khan, and to the other Veers around us, and to Red Chief for bringing us their inspiring stories!



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