Airtel’s Latest Campaign Pitches The Full Smartphone Experience

A digital lifestyle enabled by smartphones is the new normal! I mean, look around – there’s a solid chance that everyone next to you is on their smartphone as you read this.

Airtel in its new rendition of “The Smartphone Network” campaign has brought to life a rather interesting angle.

If you are looking to enrich your life with a smartphone – no wonder you spend a lot of time finding the right one. But has it occurred to you that if it’s the SIM card that after all powers the smartphone to make calls and connect to data – how come that decision doesn’t deserve too much of your time and attention? It’s this simple and relatable insight that Airtel is addressing in its latest campaign.

Told through a timeless device of imagination and possibilities, the new TVC uses the platform to let some kids tell the world what they wish a smartphone could do. In a typical Airtel format, the story is told with a warm treatment and an overall feel good undertone.

The ad takes a detour from the typical telco communication about plans and offers and price and focuses on Value Additions as the next big thing. Mobile Anti-virus, Phone Damage Protection, Payments Bank, Movies, Music, Games & High-Speed 4G – the value adds that make Airtel the network of choice above and beyond voice and data. The communication clearly strengthens its play as the market leader with a focused campaign on a complete smartphone experience.

The creative definitely has multiple watch-ability. We quite enjoyed it. Check it out for yourself:







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