Irrfan Khan Is Back And Looking For Skeptical Customers In Treebo Hotel’s First TVC

For most of us Indians, the most crucial part about planning a holiday is booking the perfect place to stay! It should be safe, clean, pretty, fancy and more than that, easy on the pocket! In the incessant struggle between getting all the amenities at an affordable price, inevitably we compromise on quality of service and stay to ensure we stay within budget. Basically, even on a holiday, more often than not, we end up always in doubt over the hotel arrangements like…


Suspicious GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is this brilliant insight that Treebo Hotels has caught on to! Treebo, being India’s top-rated hotel chain, comes with the absolute and total reassurance of being approved by fellow travellers. You can be sure that every choice you’re making comes with a commitment to quality and service at affordable prices. No room for any kinda doubts!

What works for the campaign?

Core Message

They have centred their latest campaign on the simple message that the brand puts to rest all doubts any of us may have of budget hotels. Is the room clean, are the services really complimentary, will all the amenities work and so on and so forth. The stance of India’s top rated  hotel chain is bold and re-assuring.

The Unique Jingle Theme

Their latest film has Irrfan with the Treebo staff, literally claiming that Treebo loves doubtful customers. The more skeptical, the better – bring it on! Only a top rated hotel chain can make that claim and urge suspicious people to try a Treebo. With the incorporation of the jingle, they can be assured of a top of the mind recall as well.

Irrfan Khan

The choice of Irrfan in a quirky new avatar for the ad works brilliantly given his positioning as a no-nonsense sincere guy.

One simple message of assurance delivered quite well – well done, Treebo!

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