Flipkart, Cleartrip, Swiggy and Ola Created Some ‘Big’ time Madness On Twitter Last Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Flipkart is back with it’s latest rendition of BIG offers and deals, and are ready to set the online shopping space buzzing with their Big 10 Sale, going live on the 14th of May. But this time, it’s not just any other sale, it’s celebrating Flipkart’s 10 years in the business.

So this time Flipkart is rolling out 10 BIG benefits as well to keep us drooling on the amount of money we will be saving. This communication set Twitterati in a frenzy last night. Not just you and me, but top brands in the country also got in the celebrations. Here’s how it went down!

Flipkart tweeted this video about how they have something super exciting in store for their customers :


Swiggy found the challenge a little too tempting and joined in the celebrations as well.


Some word play by Flipkart and then the delivery by Swiggy.

And Flipkart’s response was filled with mutual admiration.

Ola joined the party too and turned it into an unforgettable ride!

Flipkart then called out Cleartrip to join in, and Cleartrip accepted the offer whole-heartedly


This is how Cleartrip responded, and boy did Flipkart love their obsession with customer satisfaction!

Here’s what Twitterati had to say

But we saved our favourite for the last. The guy who went Dabangg!

So, get ready for serious shopping madness, Flipkart’s Big 10 sale starts on the 14th May!

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