In A First Of Its Kind Campaign Serendipity Promises You Gorgeous Homes Delivered In Promised Time!

Real Estate campaigns are often centered around utopic looking homes, with videos shot from carefully chosen angles and boasting of amenities you can use, which ofcourse will have a hidden cost. Very rarely has a real estate company rolled out a marketing campaign which talks about the real issue, how we are always ready to adjust with delayed delivery of the flat. This is what their new campaign is themed on – Forget the art of adjusting.

It’s true, getting a home that you love and adore in the busy city of Mumbai is no joke. You are often happy to wait out half a decade in anticipation putting your life on hold. That playground in the society that you thought your child would love to play in? Well, he’s already too old for that.

Enter Forum Serendipity.

A 21 storeyed tower with 95 apartments and all the amenities you could possibly crave, Serendipity is located in BKC. Apart from the genuine spaciousness and lavishness of the homes, Serendipity’s assures you utmost & complete trust. They seek to deliver exactly what they promise and in good time! They’ve launched a really effective campaign in this direction, showcasing the simple message of “Stop Adjusting to Delayed Deliveries“. With all their peers convincing you to adjust your move in date to coincide with a Holi and then a Diwali and then a Christmas and so on, Serendipity cuts through the chase to commit a deadline and stick to it! You can truly forget the art of adjusting! Watch the video below:

In a first of its kind campaign by a player in this segment, Forum Serendipity has made a great pitch targeting a clear pain point that affects customers deeply. Serendipity seeks to offer luxurious, beautiful homes with all kinds of amenities ranging from spa, sauna, walk-in wardrobes and what-have-you. It promises to make you forget the art of adjusting, but more than anything, it seeks to create a relationship of trust with the buyer. And when it comes to homes, isn’t that the most critical thing anyway! Good thought and execution!


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