Canon Is Taking Us Back To The Magic Of DSLR Photography With Their Latest Model EOS 1300D

The world is evolving and so is technology. In the recent years, smartphones have overtaken other devices as the primary camera for most of the users, but there are two major reasons why we still love holding that DSLR around our necks when we go on a vacation – 1. Quality (but obvious!) and 2. The feels. Yes, no smartphone can ever match the calmness of using a DSLR, looking through the lens into a beautiful world.

Canon recently rolled out the EOS 1300D model and caught onto this exact insight in their marketing campaign. It was all about seizing beautiful moments. The campaign also aims at urging enthusiasts to take a step ahead, from a smartphone camera to their very first DSLR. One of the key talking points of the campaign was showcasing the sharpness and clarity offered by a DSLR in comparison to a smartphone. With this campaign, Canon is literally taking back the photography space with the best DSLR experience.

Frames from weddings, birthdays and travel stories very placed in direct comparison with pictures taken from a smartphone. Take this image for instance, no points for guessing which one is from the DSLR.


To give potential customers a DSLR experience, Canon even created a platform where with a single swipe, you can shuffle between a smartphone picture and a DSLR picture simultaneously.

The key to the campaign was how the brand was able to reach out to an assorted set of customers in an effective manner. Folks who are passionate about photography, first time buyers and fence sitters considering to buy their first DSLR.

So, which side of the camera are you on?

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