Stop What You Are Doing And Check Out Flipkart’s Crazy Music Video For The Big 10 Sale

The internet has been buzzing with the news of Flipkart’s Big 10 Sale beginning on the 14th, and all shopaholics have already started wishlisting the products that they want. Yes, our retail therapy is being served this Sunday, and everyone’s getting ready for this –

However, what caught out eye was this quirky music video that they just launched. What’s the USP? Flipkart is revealing all their biggest offers through a kickass rap about shopaholics and subtly revealing the deals on grab through a gamified music video experience.

This is a never seen before marketing angle, and is certainly an innovative way to reveal deals in a space which was of late getting cluttered with all brands using age old methods like print ads to talk up their offerings. What works is not just the marketing angle, but the rap in itself is quite entertaining. It’s a whole dose of humor, quirk and randomness! Check out the #FlipkartBig10SneakPeek below :

Oh btw, you can get involved with the celebrations and take back an iPad and gift vouchers from Flipkart. All you need to do is, keep a close eye out and count the number of offers you see in the video, go to the comment section of the video on Facebook and write the correct answer alongwith a comment on why you are waiting for this Big10 sale! Oh and don’t forget to use the #FlipkartBig10SneakPeek.

So get your friends together, and fire up the Flipkart app!

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