#Khaana Khaaya Captures The True Essence Of The One Question All Moms Ask Everyday!

No matter how old you are, where you live, what you do – there is one sentence that you have heard a million times from your Mother – Khaana Khaaya? This one simple question by your mom is so predictable – it could be the middle of the day or late at night, you could be at work or on a holiday, but speak to your mom and all she wants to know is khaana khaaya? During a tough work day, we may get bugged by this – but this question represents the utter selfless love and care that your mother has for you.

It’s this brilliant insight that iD Fresh Food has caught on to. Bangalore-based iD Fresh Food is making waves in the ready-to-cook segment, committed to enabling easy & home-like cooking for people all over. This Mother’s Day, iD Fresh Food launched a brilliant campaign that is trending all over. #Khaana Khaaya is a delightful campaign which is a tribute to the spirit of motherhood. The video, conceptualized by Langoor, shows a young girl caught up in her day to day work life, with her mom calling her at every step to check khaana khaaya. She is absorbed in her life, that she misses the true sentiment behind her mother asking her if she’s eaten. Watch the emotional video below:

Its a beautiful concept, executed very well. A slice of life ad that gets the level of emotion just right. The video hit a million views in half a day of launch! And rightly so – cuz the video does make you want to go hug your mom and in fact go ask her favourite question right back to her. After all, Khaana Khaaya is just another way of saying I love you! 🙂

Click here to send flowers to your mom! If you’re sending flowers in a city where iD Food is present, they will also send a special hamper for your mom! Go spread some love this Mother’s Day!


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