Talk To Your Mom About Who Right Swiped You? Redefine The Perception This Mother’s Day!

We live in digital times – where your DP reflects your mood and where love is a swipe away! This is poles apart from how our parents grew up. While traditional Mother-Daughter relationships are based on lots of love and respect, a brand wants to add uninhibited friendship to the mix! After all, our moms are just like us if we start opening up & sharing – they’re way cooler than we give them credit for…

Sabhayata, one of India’s leading ethnic wear brands, has a refreshing campaign for Mother’s Day. Their latest video pitches to bridge the generation gap, and portray how a mother should be a girl’s best friend. Needless to say, a mother’s role in a daughter’s life cannot be overemphasized. Sabhayata’s video showscases a young girl, sneaking into her Mother’s wardrobe to get a pretty dupatta and tie her look together for potentially a date. Her mother senses something is cooking and takes a very, very hatke route to go talk to her! She tells her how she in fact has a crush on a guy, and a really cute conversation follows. We won’t spoil it for you – watch the video below:


A very relateable household set-up, with a refreshing take on the portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship. This ad seeking to Redefine The Perception is winning hearts with the chemistry of the actors and the simple, non-preachy message to become best friends with your mother! We like the campaign! Take a bow, Sabhyata!


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