Bajaj’s Ad Captures The Sweet Emotion Every Time You Go #OkMeriMaa

You know that feeling when your best friend forces you to stop texting that guy, or when your brother bugs you to study or when your girlfriend nags you to put down that smoke? You can roll your eye, or you can get annoyed but you ultimately give in and blurt out – Ok Meri Maa! Well turns out there’s a simple & beautiful insight hidden behind these 3 words – and one brand has caught on to it this Mother’s Day.

Bajaj Electricals has launched a truly commendable campaign capturing this incredible insight. When someone special tells you to do or not do something, in that moment of truth, you are subconsciously very bonded to them. A bond of love and care that pure exists always with your Mother. And thus, you end up grudgingly agreeing to your sister or friend or anyone you love with a ok meri maa, ab khush! So simple, but so true, right? Watch the fantastic video below:


While most brands take a predictable route for Mother’s Day, inducing the audience to either calling their moms / expressing their gratitude etc. – Bajaj has taken a very different route to showcase the fabulous presence that our moms hold in our lives and hearts. So much so, that every special person in our life, is at some level a reminder of the affection that our moms have for us!

While Bajaj has a knack for creating heart warming Mother’s Day campaigns year on year, this time around the thought process has taken a leap and has resulted in an insight which is truly clutter breaking.

So the next time you say Ok, Meri Maa – there’s a little realisation that this person is definitely a close part of your life!

Here’s raising a Mother’s Day cheer to all the beautiful mothers and mother-like awesome people in our lives! 😀


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