This Is The Most Unique Way A Real Estate Brand Has Pitched The Quality Of Their Location

Forum Serendipity is back with another installment in their latest ‘Forget the art of adjusting’ campaign, and this time they are attacking the most primary factor which you look for while buying a home.


You are almost always not satisfied with the location that you buy your home in. If it’s close to your workplace, it’s far away from your spouse’s. If you are lucky and it’s close to both your offices, the kid’s school is perhaps miles away. But we still go ahead and take what we get, don’t we? After all we are highly skilled in the art of adjusting. It’s inherent to us, and it’s been a long time that we have been living this way. Accustomed to mediocrity, we have begun expecting lesser and lesser. Forum Serendipity picks up exactly this insight, and uses humor to pitch its brand in their latest video.

With a core message of ‘forget the art of adjusting’, their second video installment is set in a rather amusing house which is filled with a gazillion photo frames. But hey, that’s a nice thing right? Not when all the frames have photos of just one person. Check out this video to see why all the frames in this house has just the protagonist’s photos.



A swanky house, delivered to you in promised time and in the heart of the city. Forum Serendipity is checking a lot of boxes, and is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Phew, the art of adjusting, what’s that?


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