Stop What You’re Doing | You Can Be Chief Tasting Officer For An Icecream Brand!

Do you love ice-creams? Can you relate to this kid?


Image result for ice cream gif

Well, we’ve literally discovered your dream summer job.

Havmor Ice Creams is inviting young and enigmatic ice cream lovers from all over India to work with the core product team as an actual ice cream taster. Yep, you heard that right. Your job description will largely be to indulge in icecream.

A maximum of 5 of the most suitable candidates will be selected as CTO at Havmor – Chief Tasting Officer! These incredibly lucky souls will be brought together for an all-paid 3-day visit to the Havmor HQ in Ahmedabad. There’s an insanely exciting agenda in store too. A visit to Goodness Factory (Havmor Ice Cream Factory), training by the top chefs of India and a cool INR 40k! But most importantly, these ice-cream lovers stand to get a year supply of Havmor Ice Creams. Talk about cool job perks!

Apart from gorging on ice-creams, the CTOs will be guided by Sanjana Patel from LaFolie and Chef Vicky Ratnani to actually create brand new icecreams that the entire country can relish. Yep, you can create your own icecream legacy. Oh man, the joy!


Image result for ice cream gif

So how does it all work? There’s an application process for The Coolest Summer Job which would be followed by shortlisting. You can read more details here!

Get going, 27th May is the last day for applications!


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