The Hindu’s Latest #SundayIsForReading Campaign Paints A Beautiful Sunday Picture!

Think about Sunday.

Don’t you want to just have a happy, fun and yet relaxed day? Well, The Hindu has created a proposition seeking to do just that for you.

The Hindu’s latest #SundayIsForReading campaign promotes The Hindu on Sunday, a more-to-read edition with something for all kinds of readers! The Hindu has created a brilliant pitch through its video showcasing how they offer everything from news to opinion to entertainment to much much more! The campaign aims to rekindle the love for written word by seeking to integrate The Hindu seamlessly into the Sunday.

The Hindu on Sunday is loaded with content such as International Business, Science & Technology, Sports, Magazine, Literary Review a double spread photo feature, and much, much more. This issue is an absolute reader’s delight.

For people who like to just peacefully immerse into their newspaper alone…


And even for those who bond & spend time together while reading on a Sunday!


For those who love their Sunday dose of fun & games…


Or those who count on the Sunday paper to get away from the frolic around them!


To even the little ones who need the papers for all kinds of projects & craft!

for a reason

No matter what age, or what your idea of an ideal Sunday is, this video from The Hindu on Sunday will definitely ring a bell..


This is just a snippet of the beautiful Sunday world that The Hindu creates in their ad. It’s a wonderful slice of life ad that creates all the day to day scenarios that actually take place in our lives – and shows how The Hindu can be a lovely part of it. It breaks the myth that newspaper reading is a solo activity that takes away from your Sunday relaxation. We absolutely love the campaign! Are you guys waiting for Sunday too?




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