Airbnb Hits The Perfect Insight With Its Latest #LiveThere Campaign

Itineraries, hotel check ins, must-do iconic spots and a whole lot of same ol’ touristy things… Sounds familiar? Well, that’s pretty much what the stereotypical traveller experiences. If you can relate to this, trust us, you can do much better! Cuz chances are you are in the most stunning corner of the world, and well you look like this…


I mean come on, in this global world, why stay content being a plain vanilla ‘tourist’? Checking off must-see lists & taking selfies is very passe, you miss out on the actual experiences every place has to offer! This right here is the fundamental insight behind Airbnb’s latest campaign – Live There. Airbnb urges you to actually live like a local when you visit your dream destination. And the campaign isn’t all talk. Airbnb actually enables you to relish the #LiveThere Experience through its vast and varied listing of unique homes, each one offering you access to friendly hosts, local neighbourhoods and localized experiences. Airbnb is literally showing & opening up doors to a true-blue local lifestyle – all over the world!

Don’t go to Paris, Live there. Don’t go to Tokyo, Live there. Instead of being a routine tourist, opt to live in an Airbnb home. It’s much easier to experience life like a local when you’re living in the right home, right neighbourhood with friendly insider tips! You can actually spend a day living in an exotic location – you can cook, read, go to that lesser-known local coffee shop and basically just chill. Sounds quite genius, right? Check out the video below:

Airbnb is a breakthrough concept, truly enabling globalization and making homes away from homes all over the world. The Live There campaign is already live on print & digital & is gaining great traction. We believe that the campaign really works because a brilliant insight has been converted into a crisp yet effective pitch. The tone of the ad is contemporary, the visuals are great – it induces wanderlust, makes you want to go live in your dream city!


Well done, Airbnb!


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