Astral’s #EveryWomansRight Campaign Is A Powerful Message Against A Critical Rural Evil

In the age where “Swachh Bharat” is the unquestioned clarion call to all Indians, how strongly are we really progressing? One of the biggest and most shocking challenges that rural India is grappling with today is the issue of open defecation, specifically by women. It’s not a new issue, and there’s been a lot of talk and discussion around it. One brand has truly converted words to action. Astral Pipes has made a commendable move to launch a campaign specifically addressing open defecation by women, and actually pursuing an initiative to fix it.

Astral has collaborated with Swachh Bharat Mission to raise awareness about the critical need to create toiled at home for women in rural areas.Open defecation is a struggle that huge number of women face daily in rural India. They risk their dignity, their hygiene and even their lives, for the most basic right – a place to defecate. Access to a toilet in the house is the most basic right for any woman. It’s this very message that Astral conveys in their latest short film. Watch the video below:


The video showcases a group of women who surround men making a beeline to the open fields for their morning ritual. The women burst into a powerful, satirical and extremely meaningful rendition, which calls men out for their gross ignorance and disrespect towards the problems women face because of defecating in the open. The womenfolk explicitly highlight how men should start constructing toilets at home for the women instead of thinking of external factors which impact a woman’s reputation & life. The casual stance of the men at the start, which transforms due to the empowered rant is beautifully captured in this video by Astral Pipes. The jingle makes the ad very engaging & the lyrics convey the sentiment beautifully. Brilliant campaign!

Here’s to brands like Astral Pipes truly rising above just superficial campaigns, and actually being an evangelist for causes that matter!





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