Blind Eye To False Promises? Not Anymore… With Forum Serendipity!

Forum Serendipity is back with a great campaign, continuing to target the simple key message of ‘forget the art of adjusting’. This time around, the brand has launched an engaging ad which addresses the menace of false promises in the real estate space, in a very slice-of-life & entertaining style.

How often have we been promised a ‘fully furnished’ house, which ends up with some missing aspects? On the same note, how often do we wind up adjusting and going ahead with a semi satisfied decision anyway? Its this exact situation that Forum Serendipity captures in it’s latest ad. The ad shows the protagonist showing off pictures of his new ‘fully furnished’ home to his friend. A few follow up questions by the friend reveals the real truth behind the ‘fully furnished’ home promise!

Watch the video below:


The ad manages to portray a very relate-able scenario. The way the protagonist rationalizes his purchase by adjusting on the extent of marble flooring shows how people end up adjusting & lowering their bar on delivery. Forum Serendipity, with it’s truly fully furnished & luxurious homes, pitches to buyers to not compromise! The ad continues to convey the key principle that Forum Serendipity as a brand is cementing – trust. No false promises, just great execution! We like the proposition, and the campaign.

Well done, Forum Serendipity!


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