Johnson Baby Did The Cutest Things For Mothers & Their Lil Ones At Mumbai Airport

You know how tricky it can be to travel with young kids on flights, right? Ensuring they don’t run around or cry or get cranky and specifically, keeping them calm and happy during the long wait. Well, this Mother’s Day, there was something really special in store for moms while they waited at Mumbai Airport.

Johnson Baby India executed a wonderful campaign for mothers travelling with their kids on Spicejet. A gesture intended to make Mothers feel special & give them a nice dose of the brand experience, along with Mother’s Day wishes.

Johnson Baby India got together with Spicejet to give all the travelling moms free upgrades! Not only that, they had special surprise gift hampers waiting with their names and seat numbers on the conveyor belt. Needless to say, this got a whole lot of laughs and smiles all around! The brand also did live inauguration of baby care rooms with travelling moms! Polaroid pictures of the moms and their kids were pinned to the walls of the baby care room. Personalized gestures like these made the whole campaign that much more thoughtful!

You can watch some of the campaign execution on this video below:

Times OOH really knocked the ball out of the park with this campaign. The branding at the airport, the baby care room memory wall, the conveyor belt activity and all the critical points of the campaign were really well designed & launched on ground. All in all, a special campaign for the very special target audience – mothers & their kids!


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