The Entire Country Of Sweden Is Now On Airbnb – That’s What We Call A Genius Move!

Globalization is so real that the world’s shrinking into one big giant home, accessible to one and all. There’s one brand undoubtedly leading this revolution – Airbnb! Airbnb has been changing the way we travel. Through its varied and well curated listings, Airbnb has enabled us to live in exotic places like locals, instead of just going there like tourists. And now, Airbnb has taken things to a whole new level!

In an unprecedented move, the entire COUNTRY of Sweden has chosen to get listed on Airbnb! Yep, you heard us right. Each and every nook and corner of Sweden is now listed on Airbnb. Talk about the phenomenal popularity of the Airbnb brand! An entire nation is not just rooting for it, but has literally opened up their homes to it. Thanks to Airbnb, Sweden is now a country where anyone can roam like a local – from the forests to the cliffs to islands – Sweden is now all accessible to everyone!

You can get the entire dope on the Sweden – Airbnb madness here!

The fact that as a nation, Sweden has accepted this concept, shows how path-breaking Airbnb is. It’s incredibly exciting to see what more does Airbnb have in store because it truly impacts every person on this planet! Sweden is all the buzz anyone can talk about right now –  this will likely make Sweden so much more attractive for travel, and will do wonders for both Sweden and all the wander-lusting people all around the world.

We’re loving this move by Airbnb – what do you guys think? Time to pick your Swedish home on Airbnb? 😀


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