LG Celebrates 20 Years Of Togetherness With India

There are brands who are quirky, brands who are different, brands with one off memorable campaigns – but there are very few brands that have literally embedded themselves in the Indian minds and hearts for years and years. One such iconic brand undoubtedly, is LG.

LG completes a phenomenal two decades in India this year. What makes this journey remarkable is the sheer consistency in delivering excellence along its core philosophy of “Life is Good“. LG has not just sold quality products, but its actually made billions of Indians dream of a better, more convenient and infinitely aspirational lifestyle. LG is pretty much synonymous with the hopes & aspirations of Indian consumers over the last 20 years.

For this 20 year milestone LG is ‘Celebrating Togetherness‘ with India. In that spirit, they’ve launched a wonderful campaign that’s winning hearts all over. The short film showcases a young girl searching for her father among the stars. The video beautifully portrays how her humble mother sells the LG TV they owned so she can provide good education to her daughter. This foundation is what starts off a journey which culminates in that starry-eyed girl actually growing up to be an astronaut. She then finds the perfect gesture to show her gratitude to her mother – buy her a new LG TV. The fact that LG manages to be a common factor throughout this journey is a beautiful reflection of the brand’s actual association with Indians over the last 20 years.

Watch the video below:


A simple, emotional portrayal of a deep 20 year relationship – LG has created a winning ad. Here’s wishing 20 more years of staying strong, staying close & making our lives good!


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